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How to Incorporate "Ready by Graduation"

Before proposing my Ready by Graduation plan, I thought about how it could be implemented and came up with several ideas. There are existing relationships that can be leveraged. SMCPS already has an established relationship with the College of Southern Maryland (CSM). CSM already has an established driver’s education program. The two entities could partner together to make a driver’s education program available at each of the high schools. Furthermore, SMCPS could form reestablish partnerships, for instance with local banks, to teach financial literacy to students. Additionally, financial literacy and personal living are two courses that are already offered as electives for high school students. Either course could be incorporated to the curriculum for all students. Finally, some of the topics that I propose in my Ready by Graduation plan can be incorporated into the required courses currently in the curriculum. For example, in health class, children can learn when and how to see a doctor. Investing in our youth while in school, we help them succeed after graduation and make our community better.

I am here to listen to your thoughts, ideas, and concerns on how to continue to work together to make sure St. Mary's County Public School students are "Ready by Graduation".

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