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It's Official!

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Marsha L. Williams officially filed her campaign for St. Mary's County Board of Education, District 1. Please continue to check our website and our social media for events and outreach. Please sign up to volunteer and donate to this campaign!

Marsha signing her certificate of candidacy at the Board of Elections in Leonardtown. Please note, George and Harold, the official hamsters of the Board of Elections do not support any candidate for any office. (Seen behind Marsha).

The campaign committee was in full support this morning. From left to right:

Secretary - Tiffany Young

Chair - Alycia Stack

Treasurer - Kathleen McClernan Walz

Candidate herself: Marsha L. Williams

Authorized by Friends to Elect Marsha L. Williams, Treasurer Kathleen McClernan Walz

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