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Thank you for an amazing Kick Off!

Thank you to all who came out to my Kick Off Event at St. Inie’s Coffee in Lexington Park on March 26. It was a nice and warm event after a cold and windy day at the Cherry Blossom Festival.

I was excited to have people from all spectrums come and celebrate my candidacy. I had so many good questions from the people in attendance including:

  • How to attract and retain high quality teachers to the County?

  • I believe it is important to pay our teachers commensurate with surrounding counties.

  • I believe we should grow our own teachers locally – encourage students starting in elementary schools to consider becoming teachers. By encouraging appropriate growth in other areas (YMCA, teen entertainment areas, etc) we can encourage families to stay and grow in St. Mary’s County.

  • Setting a maximum class size, or in the alternative having aides in every classroom, will help teacher longevity AND advance student success.

  • What should come back to schools?

  • Financial literacy is a must for all students. If they are not going to college then they need to be career ready and ready to handle finances on their own.

  • I believe we need to focus on citizenship – How to register to Vote, how to get ready for politics, how to research issues presented

  • I plan to develop and share a “Ready by 18” plan over the course of my campaign

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the parent teacher organizations and how can they better help?

  • Some schools have very active PTAs/PTOs while others do not.

  • Parents seem to be more engaged in Elementary school when students of all levels need parental involvement.

  • I want to be a conduit between the Board and the Community. I intend to reach out to PTOs/PTAs as a Board member to try and help raise awareness locally and understand issues that are going on at each school.

I am excited about these conversations and those that we can have in the future. Please stop by my events, reach out to say hello, and share with me your ideas on how we can help our students excel.

As always,

Marsha L. Williams

St. Mary's County Board of Education - District 1 Candidate

Working Hard for Children, Teachers & Parents!


PS Make sure to stop by St. Inie's Coffee to support local small business.

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